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Aspirants while preparing for exams comes in contact with wrong books and sub standard guidance. Sometimes They don’t know how to start preparing for exam. They don’t enquire whether these books are telling them truth or selling lies. We here will ensure you to get best material according to your individual need.

See every individual is different in analyzing a certain exam or set of questions. We here have prepared a scientific method to measure the English skills of yours by a simple test.Based on the result of demo test we will devise a study plan for you.We will apply analytical methods to determine in which area you are good and in which area you are not. Then we will make your study plan accordingly.

Word Ladder method

Word ladder method is a novel approach to learn multiple synonyms of a word from a single word as shown here

Word ladder deals with questions in the form of

• Fill in the blanks.
• Cloze Test
• One word substitution.
• Appropriate and Inappropriate.
• True or False.
• Synonyms and Antonyms.

→ Ladder words are explained with sentences which helps us to know the subtle nuances in terms of its degree, usage, differences and other subtleties like Homonyms Tasty means Scrumptious But Testy means irritable. We can use

→ Learn words from a fresh perspective and very effective approach Which is not boring but a truly application based result oriented approach.
Word Ladder method Polite English 

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Video Tutorials

Eye-catching graphics and animated video lectures in which you can learn 5000+ words and can be recalled very easily.

English Exercises

100+ Exercises to target the specific weaker areas of your English skills.

Test Series

30+ Mock tests with 1000+ questions to prepare for specific exams.

Study Plans

Customized study plan design for individuals which is the roadmap for your preparation.


PDF Study Material

PDF books along with interactive pdf opening tool which gives a quick overview of the course and difficult questions.

Ladder Method

We have used novel tricks, which are unique and relevant for quick learning and a better understanding of a concept.

Learning Tricks

Difficult topics are broken into individual learning packets with engaging examples and graphics.

Confidence Booster

Practice exercises that not just boost confidence but also eliminate nervousness and fear of the exam.



Languages, especially English, can sometimes become overwhelming to understand and learn for competitive exams. But the best way to learn them is by studying on-the-go and in the comfort of your own home. Choose the modules you need to work on and crack all exams with the utmost ease.

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