Graduate Management Admission Test | GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test | GMAT


Graduate Management Admission Test | GMAT

Have you decided to appear for the GMAT exam this year? Are you looking for a GMAT preparation course online, GMAT online study material in Jaipur? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. With an agenda to help and guide students to crack GMAT exam with high-scores, Polite English – top and leading online English learning platform is offering GMAT online course and GMAT test preparation online under the guidance of expert and highly-experienced tutors and professors so that students can get the desired lessons by sitting at home and can join their dream business schools in India as well as abroad. 

What is GMAT?

Stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, GMAT is a computer-adaptive and computer-based test to assess a particular candidate’s analytical writing, quantitative, verbal and reasoning skills in standard written English who wish to study in the top business schools across the world. Conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) every year, GMAT is an essential part of the business school application process. This is a multiple-choice standardized exam required for getting admission in graduate business programs globally like MBA or Masters in Finance related courses.

The test contains 80 questions in 4 sections which an aspirant needs to solve in 3 hours and 30 minutes and it is accepted by more than 6000 business programs worldwide to measure the data analytical ability of the students. By keeping this fact in mind, 2300+ universities in 110 countries have been using this test as a mandatory part of their admission or selection procedure. Now you can study GMAT online with

Why Is The Gmat Exam Important To Take?

As we have mentioned above that GMAT is a standardized test conducted by graduate business programs to evaluate the specific skills of potential students to get admission in top business schools and colleges around the world. It is one of the most widely accepted exams for MBA admissions globally and no other exam has widely been accepted as per the GMAC.

  • The exam represents your commitment, dedication, and ability to get success in business school.
  • It evaluates your critical thinking, problem-solving skills, basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, grammar and reasoning skills to study in the top business schools around the world.
  • The exam will stand you out during the admission process and assures your success in MBA and other graduate business degree programs.
  • It assures you an attractive earning with a wide area of opportunities.

Highlights Of The Exam

  • Exam Name – GMAT
  • Full-Form – Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Official Website –
  • Mode of Exam – Computer-Based
  • Conducting Body – Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)
  • Number of Section – Four
  • Exam Period – 3 hours 30 minutes
  • GMAT Fee – US $ 250 (INR 17,700 approximately)
  • Accepted By – MBA courses in top business schools
  • Score Range – 200-800 overall
  • Test Centers – 650 across the world 
  • Exam Validity – 5 years 
  • Language – English

Types of GMAT exam

GMAT is the most popular test to measure the student’s potential to survive in the top-ranked business schools. The test is conducted in two types. Let’s find out about them:

  1. GMAT Computer-adaptive Test – It is the test where the candidate is required to answer the questions of average difficulty and the level of difficulty increases or decreases as per the candidate’s performance on previous questions. It means if the answer is incorrect, difficulty level decreases while for the correct answer, it increases.
  2. GMAT Executive Assessment Exam – Also known as MIni-GMAT, this executive assessment exam has recently been introduced by GMAC. It is a suitable type of exam for those students who are willing to pursue E-MBA as it accesses the analytical and logical thinking abilities of students. The duration of the exam is considerably shorter than regular GMAT.

Eligibility Criteria of GMAT 

Before getting yourself registered with GMAT, it is important to know about the eligibility criteria of the exam. Though there are no eligibility criteria set by the conducting body of the exam, one needs to follow the criteria set by university/college. Let’s have a look:

  • Age – The minimum age of the candidate should be 18 years and there is no upper age limit. But if the candidate is under 18 such as between 13 to 17 years, they should present permission in writing from their parents or legal guardians.
  • Educational Qualification – Applicants should have a basic educational qualification from a registered university or college.
  • Candidates can appear for the GMAT exam only 5 times a year and 8 times in a lifetime.
  • The eligibility criteria may vary for every MBA or Management course.

GMAT Exam Syllabus

You must know that there are four sections in GMAT 2020 which a candidate needs to solve within three hours and 30 minutes for getting the maximum score of 800 points. They are:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment – This test evaluates a candidate’s ability to think critically and to effectively communicate their ideas. It tests our writing skills, and the ability to present arguments with clarity and logic. 
  2. Integrated Reasoning – In this test, the aspirants need to analyze the given data in graphical representations such as graphs, tables, charts or passages. You need to categorize the statements as true or false. 
  3. Quantitative Reasoning – This test measures the candidate’s ability to analyze data and conclusions by using reasoning skills. It includes basic arithmetic, algebra and geometry questions.
  4. Verbal Reasoning – It measures the candidate’s ability to read and understand written English as well as arguments and correct them.

GMAT Exam Pattern

All the GMAT exam takers are free to choose the order in which they want to take GMAT test sections. Before preparation, all the candidates should have a detailed overview of the exam pattern. 

The GMAT exam comprises of these four sections:

1. Analytical Writing Assessment

  • Duration – 30 Minutes
  • No of Questions – 1 Question 
  • Score – 0-6
  • Includes – Analysis of an argument


2. Integrated Reasoning

  • Duration – 30 Minutes
  • No of Questions – 12 Question 
  • Score – 1-8
  • Includes – Table analysis, two-part analysis, multi-source reasoning, graphic interpretation 


3. Quantitative Reasoning

  • Duration – 62 Minutes
  • No of Questions – 31 Questions
  • Score – 6-51
  • Includes – Data sufficiency, problem-solving


4. Verbal Reasoning

  • Duration – 65 Minutes
  • No of Questions – 36 Questions
  • Score – 6-51
  • Includes – Reading passages, sentence correction, critical reasoning

GMAT Exam Registration

As per GMAC, aspirants can register for the GMAT exam 6 months before the test date or latest by 24 hours before the exam test date. 

Ways to register for GMAT:

  1. Online
  2. Phone
  3. Mail

GMAT Exam Fee

The fee for the GMAT exam for a single attempt is INR 17,244 (USD 250). If the applicant wants to change the center or reschedule the test, they will be charged USD 50 extra.

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